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Search engine optimisation services in Casablanca Morocco

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

SEO is one of the fastest growing tools and is constantly updating its best practices. As the first SEO agency in Morocco, we have been in the game for over ten years. During this time, we have developed a proven process that puts you at the top of Google Morocco search results.

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Our proven SEO approach

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Targeted keywords

Help you rank for high converting search terms.

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Improve your ranking

SEO on-site et off-site pour booster votre visibilité sur Google.

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Organic growth

Continuous monitoring and optimization for better return on investment.

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Ethical and transparent

Get to the top and stay there with Google-approved methods.

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Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Boost your website to the top of search engine results

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Build trust with your target audience and grow your online brand organically. Get to the first page of Google results for the relevant keywords your customers are searching for. Everything is possible with search engine optimization or SEO.
SEO is the process of optimizing your website and its content so that it appears naturally on the first page of the Internet for relevant keywords, which in turn gives you more visibility and generates qualified traffic. to your website. As the best SEO agency in Casablanca Morocco, we help you outperform your competition and earn free organic traffic with a comprehensive SEO strategy that puts your website at the top of Google Morocco results.

Helps you rank for important keywords

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Not all keywords are created equal. If you rank for the right search terms, you can target your audience with the right product, service, or message at the exact moment they’re ready to buy. There’s no point displaying an old keyword only on page 1 – you need to rank for the ones that are valuable to your business.
Using our SEO toolset, our research experts identify short and long tail keywords that will drive more relevant, quality traffic to your website. We then optimize your content and website using proven onsite and offsite techniques so you appear at the exact moment your audience is discovering, searching and buying online.

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc
Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Get to the top and stay there

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, which means you have to constantly be on top of your game to stay on top. We’re constantly updating Google with changes to make sure you’re still ranking for the keywords customers use to find your products or services online.
Because we are here for good, we exclusively offer Casablanca Moroccan White Hat SEO Marketing Services. Some black or gray hat agencies may promise dizzying rankings in record time, but these tips will cost you dearly in the long run. We only use Google’s best practices, so your site will rank for relevant keywords now and in the future.


Search Engine Optimisation agency in Casablanca Morocco

Création site Web Casablanca Maroc
Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc


Flood Your Website With Organic Traffic Using SEO Services

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to attract more visitors to your website. A solid SEO strategy will help you rise to the top of search engines…for both prospects and customers.
With 40% clicks on the first result, you need an SEO agency that actually delivers on its promises. Our local team of digital marketers have years of experience in ranking websites to the top of the Moroccan Google search engine. We work hard to deliver lasting results – no smoke and mirrors, no black hat strategies and no shortcuts.

360° SEO services in Morocco

Attract more customers to your website… And more money in your bank account
Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

Want to know why SEO is so powerful? Because traffic from organic search results is the online traffic that converts the most. You are more likely to convert browsers into buyers by ranking for your chosen keywords than any other method.
In other words, effective SEO means more people visit your website, but also more people buy your products or services.
Much more. You will be able to significantly increase your income and grow your business to dizzying heights.

Référencement naturel SEO Casablanca Maroc

our SEO process


Step 1

Competition analysis
We analyze and compare all of your competitors who are currently at the top of the search engine results for your chosen keywords, then create a detailed and comprehensive strategy to beat them.


Step 2

Strategy / Implementation
Every website is different, which is why every SEO strategy should be different too. Rather than using cookie-cutter solutions, we optimize each website around its business model to maximize leads and revenue.


Step 3

Monthly contracts
We are confident in our work, so we do not hide behind annual contracts. We work month after month, so we need to consistently achieve amazing results. If you are not satisfied with our results, feel free to leave at any time.


Step 4

Detailed reports
Get a detailed report on all your keyword ranking improvements and work done each month. We keep you updated on your monthly traffic, Google My Business visits, and website conversions. See the results first hand.

Our latest blog posts

Read articles on digital marketing to keep up to date with web marketing, content optimization, social media and conversion rate strategies.

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Search engine optimisation, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website to appear higher in search engine results for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms. When people use a search engine, they enter keywords (also called search queries). Search engines like Google then use an algorithm to determine which websites have the most relevant and reliable results for that search query. Those considered to be the most authoritative appear higher in search results. SEO involves on-site tactics like content development, technical elements like site structure and meta tags, and off-site tactics like link building. All of these play a role in where your website lands in search results.

We’re going to be cheeky and say both, because it’s true. If you want to achieve breakthrough digital marketing results and sustain this long-term growth, you will need an SEM and SEO service in Morocco.
Natural referral is ideal for businesses as it is more profitable. You don’t pay per click, but invest in keyword research, content creation and technical optimization to ensure your website ranks higher on Google. However, it also has its drawbacks. Ranking takes time, and with over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm, it’s hard to predict exactly where your site will rank in the results, even if you’re doing everything right.
PPC, on the other hand, is quick to set up but can be more expensive. You pay per click, which means if you want more traffic, you have to pay for it.
Ultimately, the best approach is to combine SEO and PPC. This means that if you don’t appear organically, you still have a chance to appear in paid results and vice versa. Additionally, companies that invest in both sides tend to see better click-through rates from search engines to their pages.

SEO marketing services help grow your business by making your website visible to people who are searching for your products or services online. Let’s look at the numbers. Although every Google search returns millions of results, the truth is that only the first page matters. 75% of all Google clicks go to the first page results.
In short, more people will discover your business. The more people that visit your website, the more traffic you will get, which will ultimately lead to more leads and sales.

The best approach to SEO is a combination of technical optimization, keyword research, on-page optimization, quality link building, and content creation. Technical SEO ensures that the foundation of your website is solid and polished so that Google can discover and index your pages as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, keyword research allows you to identify relevant search queries used by your target audience. This allows you to optimize your existing pages as well as create new content that helps you rank in search results.
Keyword research also uses a method that focuses on long-term keywords. Long-tail keywords are search queries that contain more than three words, such as “buy cheap shoes in Marrakech” or “what is the best coffee in Casablanca?” These keywords generate fewer searches because they are more specific, but convert better for the same reason. If you create your content to rank for these long-tail keywords as well as your short-tail keywords, you will generally have more success with your SEO strategy.

There are many challenges with SEO for one simple reason: Google’s algorithm is a complex and moving beast. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes happening on the platform and ensure that your website is always optimized for search engines. SEO also involves many technical elements, from schema tags to meta tags and rich snippets. If you don’t optimize your website for all of these elements, you can put yourself at a disadvantage and affect your rankings in the future.
Another common challenge businesses face is the time it takes to research keywords and create content. It takes a lot of work to create relevant, authoritative content that’s optimized for keywords and structured in a way that Google likes. Most companies feel that they simply don’t have the resources to invest in this part, especially if it’s an SME.
That’s why we’re here to help. With a team of SEO weapons, Web SEO Morocco is the best SEO agency in Casablanca Morocco. We simplify the process and help you rank faster and higher. Contact our team today to find out more.

It depends on many factors. SEO results can be compared based on the competitiveness of your industry and the keywords you want to rank for, as well as the age and authority of your domain and whether your site has ever been penalized. Previous SEO activity, as well as the type and quality of your content, can also have a significant impact on your SEO results.

At Web SEO Morocco, we usually set a period of 2 to 6 months before you start seeing significant results from your SEO efforts. However, this number can vary depending on your website’s current ranking, the number of technical elements that need to be updated, and the amount of content you want to create.

Also note that the search results you see may vary. Google’s algorithm tailors search results based on users’ location, interests, demographics and behavior. So it is best to analyze your overall ranking using a dedicated SEO tool.

There is no definitive answer regarding the timing of SEO services in Morocco. The truth is, it can take anywhere from days to months for Google to index and rank your website. However, there are a few things you can do to help your website rank faster.
First, when creating and publishing content, it’s important to make sure it’s optimized. This will make it easier for Google to find your content, which means results will start showing up sooner. It also depends on the nature of the content – ​​timely or topical news ranks faster than regular content that is always fresh – and how competitive that keyword is.
Ultimately, the best way to get your website showing up on Google as quickly as possible is to work with an SEO agency like Web SEO Morocco. With over a decade of SEO experience, we know how to help your website rank higher and faster.

SEO is technically free because you don’t pay per click for traffic. But doing good SEO requires investment – ​​investment in skills, quality content, and technicians who know how to optimize your website.
Prices for SEO marketing services vary depending on who offers the service, what type of SEO you need, your website’s current ranking, and whether you choose to work with an agency or do it online. From the idea to the implementation of a complete in-house SEO strategy, you will need a technician, developer, technologist and SEO coordinator, which can easily add up to Dhs 5,000 per month and more – and that’s not even included. content marketing strategy and development. , which is critical to SEO success. .
On the other hand, working with an agency like Web SEO Morocco puts you in touch with experienced SEO experts who are well versed in the Google algorithm at a lower cost than doing it yourself.
The cost of working with an agency will depend on the type of SEO your website requires – for example, local SEO for small businesses is much cheaper than corporate SEO for a website with thousands of pages.

Here are some average SEO price ranges in Morocco:
SEO Technician Hourly Rate: $75 to $200+ per hour
Monthly Listing Fees: $1,500-$5,000
Monthly Payout for Local SEO: $500-$5000+
Monthly National/Corporate Registration: $2,500-$5,000+
Monthly e-mail postage – $1500 to +3000 USD
Contact us today and we can provide you with a customized quote based on your specific needs.
Finally, a word of warning: While it may be tempting to go for the cheaper option, resist the urge. Any agency whose fees are well below the market average is likely to employ black hat strategies. While you may get results at first, Google will soon penalize your site and the cost of fixing this problem will far outweigh your short-term profits.

Finding the right SEO services agency in Casablanca Morocco is integral to the success of your website. It’s important to find an agency that understands all components of SEO, from onsite technical elements to offsite SEO, and is up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes. A good way to measure this is to look at their past experience: how do they rate their customers and what keywords do they rank for? What percentage of traffic to their site is organic and paid?
Another tip for finding the right SEO agency? To ask questions. There is no getting around the problem: SEO is complicated. The right partner should take the time to educate you and help you improve your rankings. If you don’t know how something works, ask for an explanation. This is the best way to gauge whether they are ready to work with you on your SEO – after all, SEO really is a marathon, not a sprint.
One final tip: Hit the eject button if any SEO agency in Morocco is offering SEO at very low prices, as they tend to protect themselves and use “black hat” (unethical) methods to manipulate the SEO. Google algorithm. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to remove these techniques, so it doesn’t take long – and it’s very risky. Sites that use black hat methods risk being penalized – and your domain reputation takes a very long time (if ever) to recover.

SEO is one of the fastest growing marketing tools. Google is constantly improving and refining our best practices so we can adapt to new ways of getting results. Our process is thorough and proven, which ultimately helps your website appear higher in search results. We also dedicate exclusive white hat techniques that follow Google’s best practices to help you stay that way.
We’ve helped thousands of businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their website. Check out our previous case studies here or request a free digital marketing audit today.


Web SEO Morocco is a full service 360° Web, SEO and digital agency.

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